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wedding between a Slovak resident and a foreign nationwide

A citizen that is slovak marry a internationwide nationwide in Slovakia or perhaps in an international nation in the front of this nation’s authorities. Marriages at Slovak missions that are diplomatic presently feasible just between Slovak residents, for example. Slovak residents may well not get into wedding having an international national.

Stepping into a married relationship in Slovakia

A wedding between a Slovak resident and a foreigner is managed by relevant conditions regarding the Act on Family in addition to Act on Registry Offices. Giving Permanent residence for the intended purpose of household reunion ).

Wedding is entered into with a statement associated with fiancйs about stepping into a married relationship right in front of the municipal authority that runs a Registry workplace, a registered Church or a clerical community authority, followed closely by two witnesses.

A marriage ceremony abroad

Based on the Act on Overseas Private and Procedural Law the task is dependent upon the legislation associated with the country when the marriage service happens. It is therefore required to ask well ahead of time concerning the conditions additionally the papers you will require for a marriage when you look at the international nation of preference.

Marriage between a Slovak resident and a international national determined with a reliable authority in a international nation is recognized into the Slovak Republic just it had been determined if there are no appropriate impediments regarding this wedding within the Slovak Republic (age.g in case it is legitimate in the nation where. condition of age, monogamy problems etc.).

Verification in regards to the appropriate ability of a citizen that is slovak come right into a wedding union is given by the competent Slovak Registry Office. A foreigner must certanly be competent to come right into a wedding based on the law of their state of beginning.

You have to fulfill if you decided to have a wedding ceremony in the territory of the Slovak Republic or at the embassy of the Slovak Republic abroad, please read the following text about the requirements.

just just just What papers should be submitted prior to the marriage service?

A foreigner is obliged to submit listed here papers to your Registry that is locally competent Office later on than 2 weeks ahead of the marriage service:

  1. Birth certificate – this document shall include personal data of a foreigner – date and a accepted host to birth along with the individual information of his/her parents. In the event that delivery certification will not consist of individual information of both moms and dads, the wedding certification associated with moms and dads will soon be needed
  2. evidence of marital status
  3. evidence of citizenship – valid passport
  4. evidence of residence
  5. death certification of the spouse that is deceased if the foreigner is widowed
  6. breakup decree – if the foreigner is divorced
  7. ID/passport.

Note: the documents mentioned previously should be submitted during the Registry that is locally competent Office later on than 2 weeks before the marriage service. The document appearing status that is marital never be more than six months. Papers must certanly be translated into Slovak by an translator that is official by the Ministry of Justice associated with Slovak Republic, translated papers needs to be finalized because of the certified translator and must incorporate a round seal. All papers will probably be submitted towards the Registry that is locally competent Office regarding the host to the marriage ceremony. If some of the partners will not talk or realize Slovak language, the existence of the state court interpreter is needed during the wedding party. If publishing any particular document is hindered by a particularly hard obstruction, the Registry workplace can accept its replacement having an affidavit for the few.

A Slovak resident shall submit:

  1. delivery certification
  2. evidence of citizenship
  3. evidence of target (permanent residence in Slovakia)
  4. death certification of a deceased partner – if she or he is widowed, or even a breakup decree – if she or he is divorced individual, or perhaps a court choice for an annulment of the past wedding
  5. evidence of a individual recognition quantity (fond of Slovak residents at delivery)
  6. evidence of identification.

Note: Documents 2, 3, 5 and 6 may be substituted by publishing a legitimate identification card or by demonstrating the electronic identification by having a identification card containing a chip that is electronic. In cases where a Slovak resident includes a permanent residence abroad, listed here documents needs to be submitted once the document No. 2: 1) verification about his/her residence, given because of the competent authority associated with the provided state; 2) verification of his/her citizenship of SR might be replaced by publishing a legitimate passport granted by the Slovak Republic.

Besides previously listed papers, ahead of the marriage service happens, the few shall fill in the state form when it comes to marriage ceremony; sometimes – due to severe hurdles – this is often carried out by just one for the fiancйes.


Costs for specific administrative functions are administered by Act No. 145/1995 Coll. On Administrative Costs.

Summary of marriage from a Slovak nationwide and an internationwide nationwide: 66 EUR

Summary of marriage between international nationals: 165.50 EUR

Conclusions of wedding if neither of this partners has permanent residence in the Slovak Republic: 199 EUR

Authorization to summarize a wedding at apart from competent Registry workplace between a Slovak nationwide and a international national: 33 EUR

(people, whose life is under an imminent treat, or they’ve been holders regarding the certification of an individual with serious impairment, aren’t oblige to pay for these charges. Fee/s should be administered just in one fiancй.)

Demand of entry into the Unique join: 25 EUR

Authentication of this papers released by qualified authorities that are foreign used in the Slovak Republic: 20 EUR

Authentication associated with the papers released by the Slovak authorities to be used in a country that is foreign 20 EUR

Apostille: 20 EUR

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